Bat Boy's has "Tooper" Powers!

The kid really does have "tooper" powers!  First, he numbs my senses by making a monster size diaper, then he asks to watch Thomas Train and while I'm putting that in for him, he some how, as quick as lightening, goes to my room, find's one of Chris' electronic devices (I can't keep track of what all these things are called), figures out how to play music on it, unrolls all of the tape from the role on my dressers, squirts down the walls with a water bottle, and turns on all the lights in living room and kitchen.  I really think Thomas was a decoy and that Isaac is quietly laughing and pretending to watch the movie about that "cheeky" train.  Well, if anything, he gave me a rather untimely reason to wash down the walls. 



Melisa said…
I don't know how kids can destroy so much so quickly!
Mommy Of 2 said…
Boy, his new name should be greese lightning! I just thought of that little baby Jack Jack on The Incredibles how he destroyed the family room in a matter of seconds and the babysitter just sat in shock. It was funny. Kids are speachless
Natalie said…
What a sneaky little devil! I love the Jack Jack comparison...that's perfect. you ever watch "Family Guy"? Isaac reminds me of Stewie; he's always devising some evil plot.
Yesterday, Hunter gave me "an untimely reason" to clean out underneath all the bathroom cupboards. We should get these two together! Hunter would love to watch Isaac at work.

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