Blood Mustache (don't worry, it's just chocolate milk)

dino food

Tonight at dinner we were hosting 3 dinosaurs at our table. Right before our eyes, what I thought was chicken turned into something much larger and more appetizing to our guests. Reed claimed his was a Gallimimus and Douglas was eating an Iguanodon. I'm not sure what Isaac was eating but whatever it was he didn't appreciate the cheese we put on it. Because of our menu, certain questions and statements were made throughout. Here is a rough transcript:

"Why do Tyrannosaurus Rex's have blood around their mouths when they are done eating?" said Douglas while wiping off his chocolate milk mustache.

"Douglas is a Tatortot (triceratops), I'm a Carnitor and Reed's a T-rex." said Isaac of his brothers.

Reed claimed that his food was climbing off of his plate at one point. There is a frightening similarity in my kids behaviors to the cartoon character Calvin.


Kids are great at making sure their parents imaginations are still working and they can think outside of the box or the menu. Before dinner, Douglas told me the following while waiting for everyone else to get to the table:

"I know something about surface tension. If you have drool on your mouth you can make it into a bubble and it won't drop."

Anyway, just another night in the life of the Williams family.

***The following quotes were just from some of the week's colorful conversations with our kids:***

"They used to serve squirrels in China but then they got a new chef and he picks other stuff." --Reed


"Dogs are the only dinosaurs that haven't gone extinct."--Reed

"I know why they call chickens "chicken", it's because they're so full of chicken." --Douglas

Mom & Dad: Who do you sit by in school?

Douglas: I sit by Dillon and Stockton and they look exactly the same.

Mom & Dad: How do you know who you're talking to then?

Douglas: I know because their names are on their desks.

Isaac: I want a boppy (sippy cup).

Daddy: When are you going to stop having boppies before bed?

Isaac: Don't say that ever again!


Melisa said…
1) Calvin and Hobbes are my favorite cartoon EVER!

2) That squirrel picture is hilarious!

3) The 'don't say that ever again' comment had me rolling.

I love your posts.
-Ang said…
Dido to everything Melisa said. What an adventure boys must be! Good thing you have a great sense of humor.
Natalie said…
Yes, yes, Isaac never fails to make me roll with laughter. He's hilarious, but Reed and Douglas are a close second! I am amazed by their imaginations and think it's awesome that they think up such cool ways to make everything dino-related. We need to go to Target sometime soon. :)
Isaac definitely got the humor gene, but I guess he didn't fall far from the tree!:) Your family is hilarious.

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