Things they say to keep my abs from more quickly atrophying.

robot toilet

"I bet if there was a robot toilet that he would flush in order to swallow." --Douglas

I wonder what Data would have thought of Douglas' mouth watering methods?

"My elbow knuckle just popped!" --Reed

Pretty impressive! My knee knuckle pops all the time, but not as much as my neck knuckle.


"Ughhhhh!!! Why do they always have to call people?! (said while waiting to for mommy to get off the phone before leaving for the dinosaur museum). --Douglas

I remember thinking the same thing while my mom went on and on, talking on the phone. As a woman I now understand the enticing trap of talking on the phone for a long time, but I don't believe Douglas, as a male, will ever understand it for as long as he lives. Chris doesn't.

dinosaur dead

"First we're going to go and see the dead stuff (dinosaurs) and then we'll go across the street and see the living stuff (fish in the aquariums at Cabella's)" --Douglas

Douglas clarifying the travel plans of the day for Reed and Isaac while trying to keep his dimwitted parents attune to the days plan. Got it mom?

coffee cup on saucer

"Grandma, why do people drink coffee? Is it because they have a cough?" --Reed

Grandma took us out for breakfast one morning to the Village Inn while she was in town and people drink their coffee's like I drink diet coke or my sister drinks water, as a life sustaining beverage. There must be a whole lot of TB patients running around if they are in constant need of "cough"ee.


"You can pretend that you don't remember it's an early day and we can walk home on our own." --Douglas

Douglas has started to notice that his parents are one of the few that actually walk him and his brother to the bus stop and back home again. Am I sensing embarrassment?

"In England, way back then, they had to pee in the ocean." --Reed

Upon contemplating the toilet of the modern times in which he lives, and something different from what his parents grew up with (hah! I remember having those same thoughts about my parents. Sorry mom and dad!) Reed concluded that "way back then" people had to use the great maelstrom or vortex of the sea to flush, leaving poor Calypso with quite a bit of plumbing duty (though I'm sure she would have called Poseidon for whatever Tidy Bowl couldn't take care of).


Poseidon, the great plumber of the sea.


Hahaha...your kids are so cute. I like the peeing in the ocean thing from Reed!
mommymuse said…
Thanks for the rib-tickling :). What cute little keepers you've got!
Natalie said…
Thank you for the wonderful ab workout...I too am enjoying the benefits of the adorable and hilarious things your kids say! How did you like Cabela's and Thanksgiving Point? My kids love to walk through the aquarium. Give me a call if you're ever down this way.
Don't you love blogs so you will always remember what your kids were like at this age?

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