Come to see the dinosaurs (no, not you mom).

IMG_1014 [800x600]

Rexie the Dinosaur and the paleontology team paying a visit to Thanksgiving Point and her many beauties.

Rexie wouldn't play fetch with us today but was more than willing to see how many of us he could fit into his mouth. Guys are always about those kind of competitions. "Loo ow may marmow I go n ma mow, mo!" Translation: "Look how many marshmallows I got into my mouth mom!" I don't think our little Rexie here would have had a taste for marshmallows. He was all about those guys with the soft outer coating and crunchy centers. Kind of like warm Hershey's Kisses with almonds.

IMG_1018 [800x600]

Why do you always make me look up for pictures?

IMG_1021 [800x600]

Cheese! No, not me, look at the camera you idiot!

IMG_1026 [800x600]

Wonderful jaw line and look at those beautiful bicuspids. ( I really have no clue which teeth are which, but I do know most of mine have fillings in them. Too many Kisses with almonds).


-Ang said…
Hey, We'll go with you to Thanksgiving point sometime! Maybe for the corn maze!
We went to that museum this summer. It is great for dinosaur enthusiasts!

Congrats to Gavin and Vanny. They look so happy!
Mommy Of 2 said…
Hey, looks fun! I love anything with dinosaurs, always entertaining, we have a museum in LA that was just fixing the Dino section when we last went so we need to go back and check it out now.
Julie Moore said…
Hey--cool museum! Great pics! How are you all doing? It's always wonderful to get the family updates. Miss you guys! Jules

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