The Weddin' Day

Gavin and Vanny's wedding day was perfect. (How often do you get that in the middle of August in Utah? hot!) They were so adorable and as happy as can be. It was a huge ordeal just getting Vanny over here from Cambodia. She finally made it and within just 2 weeks they made it to the temple and got married. I don't know all the details but from what I've heard it would have been easier to adopt her then get her a visa to come to the United States. All the pieces finally came together and we now have a Gavin and Vanny Jensen. Hooray!

I was just running around taking my own pictures and sometimes bugging the real photographer. How could I not on such a beautiful day? And he is my cousin, so...



IMG_0871 Tessa waiting with the rest of us for the beautiful couple to come out of the temple.


IMG_0940 It was a breezy day and Vanny was just trying to keep the wind out of Gavin's face.


Some beautiful Zinnias on Temple Square. It was a perfect day for a wedding.


Erin and Bill


Grandma & Grandpa, Julianna (exchange student from Brazil), and Britton


Aunt Vicki (mom) and Grandpa


Uncle Dave and Britton


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