"Look out for Mr. Stork"

No, I am not expecting. Today we were watching Dumbo and in the beginning all of the zoo animals are getting a special delivery from a flock of storks. The song that goes with it goes "look out for Mr. Stork…" Douglas, sometimes Mr. Literal asked "why do you need to watch out for storks? " A simple question. I asked him why he thought we needed to watch out for storks and he figured it's because they'll bite you or poke you with their sharp beaks. I yet again escaped having to go into details on how babies come. I've been pretty lucky in explaining how babies get out of my tummy since I had a c-section.


Welch Mom said…
Alright Becky I am so glad you found the one thing that is good about C-Sections because I would not wish them for anyone. Thanks for putting a positive to it!
etosamoe said…
You're pregnant! Wow! . . . Oh, wait, I'd know about that I guess. I love Douglas' explanations.

XOXO Chris

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