Thursday, August 16, 2007

Short vacation, check.

Yesterday we got back from an overnight trip to Lake Michigan, perhaps our last trip before we leave Michigan next summer. Reed went around the house with a check list and a pencil tucked behind his ear making sure we had everything we needed. Towels, check. DVD player, big check. Swim suits, check. Very cute, yet very official. We stayed in Ludington again, as it has some wonderful secluded beaches, where a person who hasn't been doing her sit ups or visiting a tanning salon, could comfortably and non-publicly enjoy the water. Perhaps I should have gone to a tanning salon before we went. Children are so honest and Douglas couldn't help it, he had to inform me that it looked like I was wearing white pants with my swimming suit. It really did, but I wouldn't have said it that way.

On our drive home the boys noticed a fly that had hitched a ride in our van. We figured that he was just sight seeing, so we let him come along as long as he didn't bug us too much. Today we went to Target and that is where this fly decided to take his leave. We speculated on what a fly would shop for. Douglas said he would probably look for a toy air plane so he could fly it around. I asked if they thought he would shop for a fly swatter. Reed said no, but Douglas said that maybe the fly would buy one if he had a lot of really small flies flying around in his house. That makes perfect sense to me.


kimhumpherys said...

Too funny Becky! Kids are soo honest!

Welch Mom said...

These are the funny things that you just can not help but laugh!

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