Tuesday, August 28, 2007

They keep us laughing... hmmm, that explains the wrinkles!

"How do the little piggies eat? Snort, snort."

For dinner I made chicken enchiladas, and I must say they were very good. As Chris' dad puts it "it ain't braggin' if it's true". Anyway, as we all know, it is a challenge getting kids to eat even the best tasting meals, unless it's pizza or spaghetti (they must be Italian). So, as usual, we had our "just eat your food" battles throughout the meal, followed by all the threats that comes with our little "cold wars". Yes cold wars because we never actually follow through on our threats of "you can't leave the table until it's done", or "we'll save it and you can eat it for breakfast", or "no dessert if you don't finish". Guilt doesn't work even if we quote Ralphy's mom by saying "there are starving people in China!". I do love the line she says on "how do the little piggies eat", but that gets more laughter and spewing of food than ingestion.

So, yesterday Douglas kept asking what the dark stuff was on the bottom of the Enchilada. It was the more cooked part of the tortilla, no it wasn't burnt. I actually like that part and told him that it's the best part. Douglas, realizing he had heard that before, asked: Why do they always make the part I don't like the best part? We had no response or even a good argument, we didn't make him eat that part.

Reed isn't one of those people who talks and talks, but when he has something to say,he takes a lot of thought on the subject and wants you to listen. His mind is always going, just like Douglas and Isaac. They are really taking in all they see and hear and trying to make sense out of it with their wonderful child perspective. Once in awhile, actually quite often, they say things that are so random, but so cute. This morning Reed was on a time out upstairs while Chris was getting ready to go to school. He quietly let himself off of his timeout to go brush his teeth. After that he went up to Chris and told him, "Daddy I'm sorry you have to hear this, but we're out of toothpaste." Wow, what thought and consideration, and to put it to him so gently. He knew daddy would have bad breath all day and felt pity for the poor man (more like his wife, just kidding).


Brynn said...

Your boys and the things they say! It makes me excited for Joseph to start talking!

Jordan and Elaine's Family said...

Becky, I check blogs daily, usually with Vance on my lap. Ever time we bring up your blog and Vance sees the pig, he gets so excited! Today he actually squealed with delight!

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