Sunday, August 12, 2007

About me, well it is my blog isn't it? And there wasn't enough room in the official "about me" section.

Let's see, about me, me, me,… hmmm. Well what can I make up that you might believe. I started life out as a circus performer for the High Flyin' Flippers. I was the one who helped the monkey get on his saddle which was attached to the back of a greyhound dog. My other job was picking up the change found on the ground which would drop out of the acrobats pockets during something upside down. I finally moved up the acrobat's ladder after I could buy a leotard with that change I found on the ground. I completed my career in my new purple spandex as the acrobat who … I actually can't remember what I did next, you see I had a head injury sometime after I bought that purple spandex leotard.

All I know now is that I go by the name of Becky Williams and my memory tells me that I am the child of Gary and Vicki Hartvigsen. I got rid of those spandex and ended up marrying the adorable fire swallowing acrobat Chris Williams, and have had 3 kids since. Two 5 year old twins and a 2 year old, all boys. Before I met Chris and after my purple spandex, I loved to travel. I went to Japan and stayed with a family in Tokyo, then I traveled with my aunt and uncle to Europe for 2 weeks, and finally I went with BYU's German study abroad group to Vienna, Austria for Spring and Summer terms. College was a blast both at Dixie and at BYU where I studied Humanities, English, German and Art, oh and a little music here and there. I offered to teach a class in monkey dog-back riding but never had any takers. Though, if I were to go back for a masters degree or further education, I'd probably want to study more art, maybe along the lines of working in a museum as a curator. Another interest would be in the green world of gardening. For now, I'm studying aeronautics, arachnology, paleontology, and hieroglyphics (writing on my walls, most extraordinary markings). Can you believe that I'm actually still alive? It's amazing the stuff you have to know or find out as a parent! I get questions like "What's the biggest spider ever?" A. The Goliath spider, or bird eating spider and can be 11 inches across. " Which plane is faster the SR 71 or the F 14?" A. the SR 71. "What are the names of those spiky things at the end of a Stegosaurus' tail? A. Those are called Thagomizers, from a Gary Larsen cartoon: "Now this end is called the Thagomizer, after the late Thag Simmons." Future parents out there, start studying now, you will be tested for the rest of your life I am sure. All I know is this exam has been going for at least 5 years now.

Well, that's me in a fire swallowing, spandex wearing, Thagomizing nut shell.

"Nature! It's all over me! Get it off, get it off!"

The following pictures are from our ward camp out in the Waterloo recreation area. This first one is of the boys after a lovely night sleep in a tent. I asked them both what their favorite part of camping was and they said it was sleeping in the tent. My favorite part is when we got home from it all and got a shower, just kidding.

There was a like called Big Portage lake that had a long shallow shore perfect for little kids. Isaac was very much at home as were Reed and Douglas as they soaked in the warm water. Too warm for my taste, but like I said, perfect for kids.

Ahhh...just let me sit here and enjoy my mud and water. Just don't interrupt my fun.


Brynn said...

JEALOUS! How come they didn't have one last summer when we were there?! :) Were there very many people? Looks like you all had fun...and why didn't you ever tell me about your purple spandex wearing acrobat chasing monkey/dog training days?

Welch Mom said...

There is just so much to learn about you!!

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