Last days of a lazy summer...

Just one week until the first day of school, enjoy it while it lasts boys. Well, they, unlike high school students, are actually very excited for school to start. They keep checking the calendar for the 4th. We've been trying to correct any bad habits they might have that wouldn't be appropriate in kindergarten. We try this by saying your new teacher won't like it if you do that, so let's practice now. It kind of works, hey, I'll use it while it lasts. For some reason they hold what their teacher says and thinks in great honor.

These are the boys and our next door neighbors on the sides, Johnny and Jessica.

Isaac taking it easy.

Did you know there was a car under all that dirt?

Isaac is watching "choo-choo" trains on mommy's neck rest. I guess it makes a perfect 2 year old's arm chair. It's better than the boomerang the boys were making it into.


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