Thursday, January 13, 2011


R2-D2, or should we say R9-D9

Mr. R and Mr. D. have gone and turned 9 with the littlest of effort. I know it’s taken a lot of effort on my part for them to have actually made it to this age, but they’re here and all limbs and digits are in tact. 

On Saturday we took them to the theater to see the latest Harry Potter movie and then on the actual day we feasted on some chocolate flavored R2-D2.  They’ve been working with minimal effort to earn a Wii throughout the year and have gotten half way to that point.  So, we decided that if they wanted to get the wii and only the wii for their birthday we would swing it.  So, at last we have our first ever purchased video game.  I am an anti-video-gamist so this was a big step but at least with the wii I’ll never find my children in a semi-hypnotic borderline comatose state while sitting in front of the television.  Of course, that’s how they usually find their parents at around 10pm with a tired baby on each one’s lap, but that’s a completely different thing.  The parents don’t even need a tv to stare at, just a blank wall will induce such a state.

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RHI'S PLACE said...

Yea they got a wii! They finished their chart right? lol

Rebecca said...

I am also a video game hater but good luck with that purchase! They are so old!:)

Liesl Christensen said...

Happy Birthday Reed and Douglas!

Natalie said...

Holy are they already 9 years old?! What great looking children you have. The boys are so handsome and they girls, well...I've never seen cuter girls!

Heatherlyn said...

The cake is super cute!

We have a game cube, an X-box 360, the wii, and now also the kinect. The kinect is the coolest in my opinion as you REALLY feel the workout. You want to know the funny thing? Hardly anyone ever plays those games around here. I think we have them just for show. ;) May you be so lucky!

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