Too long without pink in my life

This morning before Isaac went to school (he has afternoon kindergarten), he and I took turns taking pictures of the babies.  He did a wonderful job minus the pictures of the smoke detector and ceiling fan, but even those had a certain abstract appeal.  Last weekend I had to buy the babies some more cloths for their very fast growth patterns, and I particularly liked these two little outfits.  Pink, sometimes I can’t get enough of it.  After all, I have been deprived of it for almost 10 years!  Sorry if you who view this blog get tired of my picture taking addiction, but I can’t help myself!  Besides, this is the quickest way to get pictures to the grandmas and grandpas Smile.

IMG_5399 [640x480]

Baby bunny grandma H. gave the babies at birth.

IMG_5401 [640x480]

Isaac-man loves the bunny ears.

IMG_5414 [640x480]

Miss Miri may have a career in mascara modeling.

IMG_5415 [640x480]IMG_5416 [640x480]

Miss Izzy is our sometimes serious one unless Isaac walks into the room, after which spontaneous laughter ensues.  Lately, she has actually started bursting into laughter for no apparent reason at all, a funny wall maybe?  Hair pulling, especially mine and Miri’s seems to give her a great deal of pleasure and entertainment, much to the distress of the pull-ees.                                            

IMG_5421 [640x480]IMG_5426 [640x480]IMG_5436 [640x480]

How many chins do you have?  I win, I win!


Brenny said…
Beautiful girls! The last picture of the chins made me giggle -- love it and wish people thought extra chins were cute on me. Seriously, you make cute babies.
Natalie said…
Aaahhh! They are so gorgeous. I will certainly never tire of your photographic addiction. I'm hoping Case and Rex can each marry one of your daughters. :) Maybe Rex and Miri can get together and create children with the longest eyelashes in the world. Really, those two girls are so sweet. Pink forever!
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