Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Start ‘em young

It’s nice to know you have an influence over your children’s likes and dislikes to a point, even beginning in utero.   As I sat doing something on the computer, I set Miriam on the floor to play.  I’d originally given her a little yellow giraffe to play with and thought she’d be content.  She rolls, not yet crawls, to any place she’d like to get to.  I don’t know where I’d placed this particular book, but it was somewhere on my floor in rolling distance and she’d found it.  Pride and Prejudice, a favorite book and film of mine, had it’s introduction to her subconscious long before leaving the womb. 

already a fan

This particular book that she’s seen holding in this photograph, is a making-of-the-movie guide that came with the DVD collection.  Look at how intently she stares at it.  “There’s something familiar about this book, these characters, this film” she thinks as she stares at the handsome Mr. Darcy.  I don’t’ know how many times over my life time that I’ve delved into the land of Miss Austen, but I do know it’s probably a shameful amount and a good deal of it probably happened while pregnant.  Thus, how could either of my daughters have escaped a liking for the work.  My boys, on the other hand, fear it, protest it, and flee when the mere words, “I’m going to watch Pride and Prejudice if you don’t go do your homework,” are uttered.

Izzy smiles

This is Elizabeth last Sunday afternoon, looking at me thinking, “hey, mom, why don’t you put that movie on that we all love so much?”

Now, for the Monster, monster, moster, Pinewood, wood, wood, wood, Derby, derby, derby, derby


I didn’t actually attend the event but got to hear about it.  It was of the opinion of some that some people’s dad’s helped their kids a bit more than they should have with their cars…eh-hem.  Something to do with liquid graphite, weights, etc.  Next year, oh ya!



Last year’s model on the left came for the photo shoot. 


Lynette said...

Would you mind telling me who was using liquid graphite? That would have been an awesome idea and since we have two boys to go...

mommymuse said...

Poor, poor baby. She has no chance on the Jane Austen front.tsk, tsk.

Becky said...

o.k. Lynnette, I admit it, I actually heard that one from a retired PW Derby dad. Talking with him it sounded like his kids were getting ready for the Indy 500. I'm just jealous that we have no clue how to make one of those cars go fast.

Brenny said...

And yet another generation has become forever linkied with P&P. Long live Austen!

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