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Mama’s Losin’ It Challengeimage1.) Ask someone who loves you what one of your weaknesses is.


One of my 8 year old sons is the king of superlatives.  If there is something I fail to do once, and he feels a need to complain about it, he starts off with, “you never…” or “you always…” or something like it.  Today I got “you never let us have school lunch!”  So, there we have it, one of my weaknesses told very confidently from a loved one.  The thing is, he just had school lunch yesterday and if I could afford it, he’d have it every day because I do not like making lunches!  At least what I send is probably healthier than the things he’d choose at school.  I remember eating cafeteria food and wondering who in the world actually eats beets or that nasty stringy lemon flavored cooked spinach?  I’d always leave those poisons alone and eat the roll, or whichever colored Soylent they were serving that day.


Marcy said…
Great topic! And entertaining post :) I actually had a long conversation today with some friends about the quality of school lunches. For example, has anyone ever told them that rice IS a starch it they shouldn't have to serve a roll on the side when pasta or rice is on the menu. (By way of explanation, we were talking about the show "Jamie's School Lunch Project" on TLC.) Realistically though, what kid WOULD choose healthy over pizza? lol
mommymuse said…
Ugh. I have a soon-to-be six-year old who is also the Queen of "You NEVER..." It drives me batty! Sometimes I'm tempted to make her statements 100% accurate,and follow them through. "Fine, from now on I will NEVER let you play outside in your jammies again. Even though I just let you do that two days ago, since apparently that counts as 'never,' believe me--it won't happen again."

Sadly, I'm pretty sure I did that to my parents, so I have to cut her some slack ;).
Heatherlyn said…
When I asked my husband what my weakness was he said without hesitation, "putting away the laundry." Um ... so maybe I should put it away instead of blogging right now? :)

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