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I aged.  Unlike wine, my age has not sweetened me up but, like cheese, I’ve gotten stinkier, but all the better for it.

Reed:  Hey mom!  Were you born in the 19’s?

Mom:  You mean the 1900’s?  Yes, in 1976.

Reed:  (exeunt left down hall, with great volume and surprise) Wow!  Hey Douglas, mommy was born in 1976!

Thank you Mr. 21st century for making feel like I was born under a fallen tree trunk during the Civil War.

Because of my depreciation, they took pity on their wreck of a mom and bolstered her up with chocolate.  I’ve almost forgotten their comments, almost.  I ended up making my own cake and frosted it PINK, a color not often displayed in this house.  There was a cup of leftover icing that Isaac decided would go well with Hot Tamales, the ones he got for me (happens to be his favorite candy).  Chris got me a $25 gift certificate from Amazon, apparently I’m a hard one to shop for.  I don’t think I’m hard to shop for, I just happen to like things that aren’t in our budget.  All in all, it was a lovely day.  Douglas even managed to almost not fight for most of the day, per his promise that I had in writing in my birthday card given to me from him, “Happy Birthday mommy, I promise  not to fight.—Love Douglas”  Can I get that in writing daily?  “Sons, just sign here, yes on that line, a letter will be fine, oh and a finger print…yes, thank you, that will do.”


Jayne said…
Happy, happy birthday to you!

(P.S. Dan laughed when I read him what you said about not being hard to shop for. Sounds exactly like me!)

(P.P.S. I heard you're coming to Cali the week of the 22nd. I'm going to be in San Diego from the 19th-26th on vacation with Dan's family. I can't believe we won't be able to meet up. Terrible!)
Heatherlyn said…
I hope you had a great birthday! Your sons are so funny, but I really do like the promise not to fight card. He's onto something. That would make a great gift!
Holly and Kevin said…
Happy Birthday, I didn't know it was your turn to have one of those. We were born in the same year.
The Earls said…
Happy happy birthday! Hope you had a fabulous day!
mommymuse said…
I wish my kids would take a tip from Douglas. I'd settle for an ATTEMPT to avoid fighting. Sounds like a lovely day :)
It's okay Becky, I bought the kids those Koolaid squeeze drinks for the kids today. I took a sip of one and told them it reminded me of when I was little. Chandler replied "they had these when you were little? they had stores then?" Got to love kids! :)
etosamoe said…
Happy Birthday, Becky. Just remember, have all the birthdays you want, I'm still older and more decrepit than you.

Melissa said…
Happy Birthday Becky! Your kids are so funny and you should just remind them of all the wonderful things you have accomplished in 1976! I hope you enjoyed your chocolate and pink cake!
Mommy Of 2 said…
Happy Birthday! I love the pics of aged cheese and great! Hope it was a wonderful day! PS love that pic of Edward...sooo how I pictured him.
Melisa said…
Hope your birthday is WONDERFUL!

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