Oh so happy!

10 things that make me happy

1.  My man.  Yes, that’s you my Chris, the perfect husband for me.  I can’t even begin to list the good things he does for me, I’d probably have to get a doctor’s permission slip to even do it justice.  (By the way, thank you for taking ALL of the boys to baseball and leaving me here to gather my wits and my whats).

2.  Great pens.  I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll mention it again.  If I have the need, or that illogical desire to just buy something, the purchase of a great pen will usually fix me for a week.  I have a lot of pens, eh-hem…

3.  Back Scratches.  “Ahhhhh….over to the right a little, now the left, riiiiight there, ahhh…”

IMG_2382 4.  My children.  After some reflection, and blotting out today, I realized that I really do like, o.k. love, my kids.   There are times when they make me so happy that I’m in tears, usually from laughter, as they share their views of this world, IMG_2361other worlds, and the galaxies far, far, away.IMG_2349





5.  An empty, and completely sterile (eh-hem), laundry basket.  Yes, as I have mentioned before, I think the clothing in the laundry basket multiplies and replenishes when we aren’t looking.  Very naughty and completely inappropriate for anything cotton, woolen, or of a mysterious origin, poly-something.

6.  A great book.  Too many to be specific.  Though, I’d have to say, the ones that give me the most wonderful and complete doses of happiness are the scriptures.  It’s true!  They are good for the soul and I definitely need greater and more frequent doses, the crazy heathen that I am.

IMG_2319 7.  Freshly picked flowers.  Chris once picked me a bouquet of fresh wild flowers when we were dating.  He’s since forgotten where he’s gotten them, but I’ll keep hoping he remembers to do it again some day ;).

Winged victory 8. Art museums.  Gooooo!!!!  Yes, they make me that happy, giddy even.  A few favorites would be the Louvre, the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, MOCA, Guggenheim Museum, Secession, and many more.  Shamefully, I only touched the surface of what the Smithsonian has to offer.  One cannot visit D.C. for just a few days and leave, expecting to know anything from such a short visit.  Inconceivable! 

9.  Nature.  “It’s all over me, get it off!”  I speak of the beauties in nature ranging from the bright sun to the darkest cave, deep blue waters to a sparkling brooks wreathed in water plants, a perfect little blue Forget-me-not to a monstrous Redwood. I’ll take it all, well maybe not the earwigs, but the rest is pretty grand.

10.  This list.  I was pretty ornery before I started it and now I’m feeling much more grateful and my need for something “deep fried and smothered in chocolate” has subsided somewhat.  Here’s to a deep and relaxing breath of air-conditioned, re-circulated, Lysol scented, dusty air!  Huzzah!  (Thankyou Heather for introducing me to this form of catharsis).

  This moment of needed reflection was brought to you by:image


Heatherlyn said…
I really enjoyed your list!

It's amazing how gratitude and reflection can lift the soul!

You have a really good life, a beautiful family, and incredible wit!
Rebecca said…
Love to keep on your life through your posts. Your family is so great. We miss you even though we did not know you long.
Melissa said…
That is good therapy! I may have to snatch that idea from you sometime!
Have a happy day!
Brenny said…
Great list. I am totally going to try buying a nice pen when I have a 'need to buy something' urge.
Natalie said…
Amen, Sista! I've been meaning to do a post like this for a week; thanks for reigniting my motivation and for sharing some of your wonderful thoughts. You're the best!
This is cute!!!! I should do a "10 things" list too... maybe I will :) Always good to hear from you Becky! I am so glad you put the New Moon trailer link on your blog because I just love it!!! and I haven't seen the official trailer yet either.. So thanks for that. Hope you guys are doing great!!
Welch Mom said…
Thanks for that list. It made me think and reflect about the things I love so much. Know what else is great? Great markers like Prismacolors. If you have never tried them you must!

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