Blooming in my Bloomers


Alas!  I can boast a rather beautiful collection of spring blooms!  It took long enough but these beauties were well worth the wait.  I probably look like a crazy person to my neighbors as I wander around my yard checking on the health and progress of each of my bloomers.  This is why I need a really big yard where the neighbors are at least an acre away and hidden by a line of pine trees. The fact that I was still wearing my p.j.s probably didn’t help with the she’s-so-weird issue.



IMG_2293 IMG_2286

This is what’s blooming at Clearfield AFB just across the ravine.  Very cool yet very loud!


Brenny said…
Beautiful blooms. YAY for spring!
Heatherlyn said…
I love the blooms!
mommymuse said…
Great photos! Flowers, too. You are so talented!
Mommy Of 2 said…
Pretty Pretty Pretty, I can almost smell them :)))))) I unfortunatly don't have a green such pics on my blog LOL!
Wonderful Becky...Your blog is always inspiring ~~ you young people have such a gift! And how great that your Mom and Dad up and going too! Tell them that I tried to leave a message earlier, but I don't know if I am an AIM, or whatever was asked as a sign in; and in the process, erased my carefully crafted messages twice. I hate that when that happens! No doubt, Rae and Coral need to dispense lesson two (or maybe repeat lesson one) in my behalf before I do further harm! We are happy...four little grandbabies on the way here in Cali. Exciting times...we're beginning to sound like the your family...altho you girls have them two by two, for good measure!
Natalie said…
I'm completely impressed by your gardening AND photography skills. Martha better watch her back!
Welch Mom said…
Doesn't spring just smell delicious?
I love the blooms and the sweet smells that come along with it. And for the bloomers, I go out in my pj's all the time to get mail with Robb's huge shoes. Sometimes I go out with curlers in my hair. Now that is a sight!
Pretty flowers! Enjoy the jets and just wait till you have front row seats to the air show. A couple of times it looks they are going to land in your yard. :)

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