Pine Scented Trees, just like the air freshener!

Mother’s day weekend was spent in St. George with all of mommy’s (my, that 3rd person thing is really hard to escape!) side of grandpas and grandmas.  These pictures are from our attempt, and success, at escaping the already 92 degrees in St. George, by going to Pine Valley.  Beautiful!  Unfortunately, my camera battery’s juices were squeezed dry and I only got a few pics. from the experience.  But what I didn’t get on film, I got a plethora of in relief from the heat and an eyeful of cool glistening water and tall fabulously scented pine trees.  Can you believe they smell better than the pine tree car fresheners?  They do!


Grandpa didn’t really want to wear his had, did he?

IMG_2302 An all-teeth-grin from Douglas.

IMG_2305Who’s stronger?  Grrrr…

One more item of success while in St. George, was a date to the new Star Trek movie, which was fabulous!  I totally recommend it to Vulcan and non-Vulcan alike!


We learned that they actually recorded the scenes on Vulcan in Emery County on the San Rafael Swell, too cool!  Chris was so excited to know that his grandparents live so close to Vulcan.  On our way home from St. George we visited them in Orangeville and I swear I saw Chris trying to see if their eyebrows had gone pointy.


Mommy Of 2 said…
Sounds like a nice weekend! There is something so great about being outdoors in nature huh! And, maybe I will see Star Trek,I wasn't planning on it but maybe now I will:) Glad you had a nice MD! And yes my camera is a canon, a Rebel XT I love it!
Melissa said…
Sounds like a nice weekend! Happy Mothers Day to you!
Heatherlyn said…
Your boys are really cute.

And yes, whenever I go into the pine-filled forests I breathe deeply, very deeply. Because it smells SO good!!
Brenny said…
That area is so nice. I'm glad you got to commune a bit.

I haven't seen Star Trek yet, but I want to so bad! I'm glad you liked it, but your endorsement only made me more antsy...
Jayne said…
Haven't seen the movie yet but I think they did an awesome job on the casting! It sounds like you had the perfect weekend and I'm glad you had a good time!

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