Sick of…

I took the challenge again from “Mama’s Losin’ It!!”

3.) List ten things you are currently sick of.image

1.  Holes in my kids socks.  I do not darn socks.  I’ve started returning them to their drawer if the holes are only in the heels.  But once they turn into a form of toe-less foot glove, I have to dispose of them.  The boys are running low on socks.

2.  Missing bobby pins.  I believe they may have run off with the missing socks, the nail clibobby-pinsppers, and Iron Man’s shoulder pads (I guess they’re more like shoulder armor, for Douglas’ toy).

3.  Crumbs in bed.  Isaac, thank you for bringing your toast into my bed.

4.  My blood shot eye.  I’m not a Cyclops, I do have two eyes, but one has been bloodshot for about 2 months now, and I’m starting to wonder if I’m just going to look tired for the rest of my life.

5.  A two way stop up the street that should be a 4 way stop.  It just should be, end of story.

6.  Leg hair that won’t stop growing.  I’ve heard that it even keeps growing after you’re dead!  Ew!!!  “Hey, Mr. Undertaker, could you throw a razer in here before you bury me?”

7.  Wedandy lioneds.  I understand they were part of the leaving Eden travel plan, but still, why are there so many?

8.  My bangs.  Need I say more?  See earlier post for my opinions on the status of my hair.

9.  Sand on the entry way tile.  Thanks to the boys’ elementary school playground, I now have what should be outdoors, indoors.  Not that I mind walking on sand in the house, but my feet are already way past the point of necessary exfoliation and are now desperate for something more akin to moisturizing slime.

10.  De-turding my granola.  I love Quaker Oats Granola, but I don’t like raisins in it.  They do sell one without raisins, but not at the store near us. So, every morning before I’m about to enjoy granola yumminess, I have to “de-turd” my cereal.  It only reminds me of the unpleasantgranola stuff because after I look in the white porcelain sink dotted with raisins, it looks just like a mouse and his family of mice-lings, have spent the night there, and apparently after a rather bounteous Thanksgiving feast.


Brenny said…
Loved the list. I bet it was pretty cathartic, too. I had to laugh -- I mowed the lawn yesterday and realized we have WAY more dandelions than any of our neighbors.
pussreboots said…
Try drinking orange juice. The vitamin C will help with the bloodshot eye.
Deanne said…
I have a yummy recipe for granola if you're interested. Then you won't have to de-turd it, just make it every once in a while.
Welch Mom said…
Wiping off the table. I hate doing it and seem to do it multiple times a day!

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