Pease Porridge Hot!

“What year was it when you were seven?  What year was it when you were one?  Did you wear a bonnet when you were little?”

1983.  1977. No!

These were all questioned posed to me this afternoon by Douglas the Inquisitor.  Curious now, I asked him some questions just to see how old he really saw me and Chris. 


top hat

“If I wore a bonnet, what kind of hat did daddy where?  How did we travel when I was little?  What did we eat when I was a kid?”

Top hat (“one of those tall round ones that are black with a line at the bottom”).  Model T. (“one of those black ones that Henry Ford made).  “Porridge, nine days old.”

Model T 1912 At least I’m not still in the Stone Age as was previously thought.  Well, it’s 6 in the evening now, so I guess it’s time for me to get my bonnet on, go out back to kill a chicken, get the porridge heating up again (it’s 10 days old now), and look outside to see if Chris has rolled into the driveway in his old Ford P.O.S.!

porridge oats largeThey’ll never notice if it’s 9 days old or instant, it’s that good!


Natalie said…
Oh...that is too funny! I love that your kids are so well-educated, even if it brings insult to their hip, young parents. Aren't you glad we don't have to retrieve and kill our food from our band of pets? Guess what: I wore a bonnet when I was mom made me. Gag!
Melissa said…
Douglas is so funny! I love hearing kids' ideas of time.
Heatherlyn said…
That is too funny! I'm afraid to ask my kids how old they think we are! Although, I'm beginning to think that those bonnets were pretty smart. I wouldn't mind having one while I work in the yard!
Deanne said…
That's too funny. I'm just as ancient as you, but I don't think my kids know it yet! =)
Brenny said…
Classic. Although, I remember in the early 80's when pioneer clothing was kind of in fashion. It wouldn't have been that wierd to wear a bonnet...
The Earls said…
That's hilarious! I love how kids think we are just soooo old.

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