My Ginsu knife is bigger than yours.

Pride-and-Prejudice--2005 I am truly a wicked person.  When I happen to want a moment by myself there is one phrase I can utter that will send my kids running down the hall, weeping, whaling, and gnawing on the carpet.  It goes like this, “Hmmm…I think I’m going to sit down and watch Pride and Prejudice.” 

 Statue_of_Liberty“The horror!”  “Oh the humanity!”  “[Dang] them all to [heck]!”  “Rosebud.” and “Soylent Green is people!” can almost all be heard sung in wretched harmony, after such an announcement.  It is this simple phrase that not only gets me a moment of solitary peace, but chromosomal verification that I truly do live in a house full of boys.

I’ve reached an impasse, as Edward would say, in the case of Twilight.  I thought for sure, the mention of watching this newly acquired film, would be just one more weapon in my arsenal of fear-causing sentences.  I was wrong.  As I’ve mentioned before, I did let my boys watch it with me when we bought it, just to satisfy their curiosity and to gain a better understanding of their mother’s obsession with all things Twilight.  They understand, accept, and welcome it.  Isaac has gained a better sense of what’s right and wrong because of it. This is evident when he asks, “is he a good-pire or a bad-pire?”  Douglas shows his support as he asks which vampire is the strongest, fastest, or whatever.  Reed’s just waiting to see some werewolves.

edward-cullen_l darcy

I suppose I won’t need to hold my breath for the day that Douglas asks, “how great is Mr. Darcy’s estate?”  Or for Isaac to ask, “Who was prouder, Mr. Darcy or Elizabeth?” Or for Reed to ask, “Do you think Lydia has truly ruined her family in her disregard for propriety?”  No, I don’t foresee that.  Pride and Prejudice will always hold a leverage like no other.  A weapon sharper than a Ginsu knife, and a bomb bigger than the big one.


Heatherlyn said…
Yeah, my kids think Twilight is cool.

But your post reminds me of a story my husband tells. When he or his sisters or brothers said that they were too sick to go to school his Mom would say, "OK, but if you stay home you have to watch Gone with the Wind with me." If they were really sick they were subjected to such torture. But often, they would not even try to fake sick because watching Gone with the Wind was such a horrible awful thing to have to do in their minds!

I love Pride and Prejudice! I haven't seen it for years though. I wonder what my kids would think?
Brenny said…
Mr. Darcy... *Sigh* I needed a little dose of P&P today. Thanks.

And I have to say, I think Matthew McFadden is as cute a Darcy as Colin Firth. Although Mr. Firth will always reign supreme, the fight/rain scene with Kiera Knightly and Mr. McFadden is fabulous. Thanks for putting both photos up...

I hope your boys will watch P&P someday -- considering what effect it has on girls, it is probably something good to have seen.
Brenny said…
They need to see it at least once.

And if I have boys, I'll probably use the same tactic to get some 'me' time, especially since it repells my hubby, too.
mommymuse said…
Hmm.... My initial response was full sympathy for the boys, and wondering what kind of mother ARE you, to even threaten subjecting your kids to that. But considering that I enjoyed the text P&P far more than expected, I should probably give the film a chance. That makes me wonder what movie my kids would perceive as the ultimate torture. After this past weekend they'd probably list General Conference tops on the torture list :). Hehe.
Jayne said…
Love this post! Dan admitted the other day that he had the urge to watch P&P (the new one). That is a great moment in a woman's life when for movie night her husband wants to watch a chick flick!!
Welch Mom said…
Oh, to be a girl in a house full of boys, I have no idea of what you are talking about? Ha, Ha!
Mandie Green said…
Becky, I've clicked on your blog a few times from my parent's blog or Raela's. Every time I come over here I laugh out loud at your posts. Thanks for the entertainment. Hope you don't mind me adding you to my blog list so I can know when the next installment comes about.
-Mandie (Payne) Green
etosamoe said…
I think it is the action/superhero aspect that gets them. Twilight has:

1. Climbing tall trees
2. A car wreck
3. Super strength
4. Baseball
5. An all-out battle to the death, complete with shattered mirrors and a bonfire.
6. Deer "hunting"
7. The promise of werewolves to come...

If P&P had all that, I bet the boys would watch it too. ;)
Melissa said…
I really need to read or watch Twilight to see what all the fuss is about...
Happy Family said…
Ah yes, my book to be is a fantasy. I have not yet read Eregon (spelling?) but it is on my list of must reads.
Melisa said…
Rooooossssebuuuuud. ;o)

If I could get my kids to watch Twilight, it would be playing at my house more.
Natalie said…
Ha ha...if you ever want to get rid of me, you know what to do! Maybe we should fix up a Twilight date for Amber and Karli and the Williams boys (I'll take either of the twins for Amber's husband, that is, if Miles Miller doesn't work out and Isaac and Karli could make a great pair, no?) so we women could hang out and the kids could entertain each other with their Twilight musings.

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