Thursday, October 4, 2007

Days of Thunder, vvvrrrrrooooommmmm!

Thursdays…well I can't say much about them, but this one has been weird. In German the word for Thursday is Donnerstag, day of thunder. Isn't there a movie called "Days of Thunder" with Tom Cruise? They could have saved on ink by calling it "Thursday." I think it was about cars and coincidentally so was my Thursday.

It started this morning when I wanted to go walking at a park that you have to drive to. Right as I was about to leave our parking lot, I noticed that the paving machine was right in front of the exit. They've been redoing our road all summer it seems. The workers saw me coming and I rolled down my window and asked if I should just go back and wait. The steam was still coming off of the asphalt and I figured it was not a good idea to cross. The guy I talked to said I could go if I didn't turn my wheels at all. I asked if he was sure and he said I could go.

Well, I proceeded past the workers in a very straight manner. My windows were rolled down and as I left the asphalt I heard great exclamations of ticked-off-ed-ness, some of which I cannot quote for all of our dainty ears might burn. I looked into my rear view mirror while still driving very "strait" and noticed the 3 inch grooves, two of them in fact, and very straight being left by my apparently very heavy tires. Instead of stopping and being very apologetic, I sheepishly drove off in my very sinful Kia Sedona. Beside the sin of destroying the road, it's also a sin to drive a foreign car in Michigan. I'm surprised I didn't get tar flung at my car, like how PETA throws blood on people wearing fur coats. ( By the way, where does PETA get that blood, some poor animal perhaps? Or maybe Mr. Vick? Apparently he is now attending a class for animal abusers, just like those Hollywood drunks who clear their names by going to AA or rehab. I guess that's how penance works in the church of fame).

I made it to the park and managed to "walk off" the road destroyer guilt. Don't "they" say that exercise is a good way of getting rid of guilt, or maybe that's something else? Now I was just embarrassed. After my walk I tried to run every errand I could think of to give them time to finish, but I noticed they weren't done when I got home so I cowardly parked in a lot behind our building and walked home. I'm so weird.

The road has successfully been repaired, well...minus a little dent that the roller dude couldn't get rid of. Chris took a picture of it for me and called it "Becky's dents". At first I thought he said Becky's dense, hmmm...the truth comes out. I guess someone had to say it.

I guess I've left my mark on Michigan.

On a side note, if you happen to stop to wash and vacuum your car to take up time while avoiding going home, you should make sure that while you are vacuuming not to get the hose nozzle too close to the Kleanex box, because it will take all of them, one by one in a rather fast and successive order. Just a thought.


Melisa said...

That totally cracks me up! And now every time you drive by, you will remember it. Hopefully at some point you will remember it fondly.

We didn't think of that either when we bought our Honda last year. Of course, we had no idea we'd be in MI at the time... My dad still wonders when we are going to get our tires slashed. As patriotic as the people here are, they are also really nice, so I'm not too worried.

The Earls said...

That is hilarious! I would have done the same thing -take as much time as possible before returning and then parking somewhere different if they were still there. But, the road worker has no one to blame but himself. Don't you know? Cars are heavy!

Anonymous said...

Hey beckster, hope to spend some time with you guys when ya come out for the reception. Please tell me youre staying til sunday...for we will be gone til saturday eve. Let me know. thanks. Leigh Williams

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