Bottoms Up!

I was in the living room quietly doing some peaceful activity, like sleeping, when I heard that familiar sound of feet slipping down stairs. Reed had slipped down the stairs and was crying and angry with the stairs for their impertinence. How dare a stair do such a malicious thing? I came to the rescue with a hug and some comforting words.

Isn't it funny how the words of comfort often come by sharing our own painful experiences with the new victim? I told him how I had slipped down the stairs 4 times in our new house, thus the reason we installed carpet and padding on our stairs. I further informed him that if you're going to slip on the stairs that the best place to land is on your bottom because it is the squishiest part of your body. I then gave him another hug and looked over at Douglas who had been carefully paying attention to this lesson on how best to fall down stairs. He reached back and verified in a rather surprised voice, "it really is the squishiest part!"

I sometimes worry that my kids won't just take my word for something. They must test it. Feeling one's backside for squishiness is probably harmless, but if one has to know for sure if wet toilet paper will stick to the bathroom ceiling, this empirical form of learning could become problematical. At least curious people keep on learning and it is the job of observant parents to make sure that the curious child is guided and carefully watched. I wonder how much it would cost to install cameras throughout our house?

All ready for the ward's Trunk or treat party

Isaac participating in fine arts involved with Halloween

Here we have two amphibians named Isaac, very cute!


Melisa said…
I suppose I should be grateful that I'm "squishier" than most people considering how clumsy I am.

If your kids like to do things you tell them not to, then definitely don't tell them about the popcorn seeds.
Brynn said…
That is so funny! And those really are a couple of cute amphibious Isaacs!
StevenBecky said…
I love the costumes. I love your story about teaching kids how to properly fall on their toosh. You know that tip comes in pretty handy. Good thing they learn that trick early in life.
Anonymous said…
Okay...I tested it and it still is the squishiest part! love you Beck.


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