"Feed the Birds..."

"...Feed the birds, tupins a bag, tupins, tupins, tupins a bag." It's a good thing Jane and Michael didn't witness what the boys were checking out in the middle of our parking lot. Chris took these pictures, after which I'm sure he encouraged them to stop playing with the dead bird and to sanitize their hands with bleach. Road kill, as my friend Jeannette remarked in her blog, is certainly more prevalent this time of year. When we lived in Utah the road dish of choice was usually skunk a'la stink and Racoon with a spoon. Here in Michigan it's Squirrel in a Swirl, mmmm… The swirl helps it to go down smoother.

I am so thankful for archaic bird prodding instruments.


Melisa said…
That is something MY boys would do! Imagine that!

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