Dump Truck 2.0

"Read you me!"

Isn't that so sweet, reading to brothers, ahhhh...

Piggy Back ride, or horsey back ride, what do they call these? I just know that one of them came up to me afterward and wanted me to be "the pig", hmm.

This particular book has been read more than any other book in our house. It is called My Big Truck Book. You can imagine the plot, yes very intense, riveting, even bulldozing at times, zzzzzz.... We actually just had to replace this book because it was destroyed by an overzealous diaper. A certain young man likes to sleep on top of books, particularly any book with a truck in it. Tonight I convinced him that it would be better to sleep on his blue bear.

We noticed with the book replacement that we had gotten a new edition. There are still several pictures with different types of big trucks and what they are called. But to our surpise the "dump truck" as it was formally known, had been changed to "tipper truck"(kind of like the artist formally known as Prince, or whatever that symbol was). Chris has started referring to this new book as "My Big Truck Book 2.0". Computer guys see all things in "something.point.something". But the point is that this book is probably also read by people who know the proper names of these machines and have complained enough that the 2.0 version had to be published.


Melisa said…
I just love those pictures! We have more than our fair share of truck books as well. We should start a library! :)
Welch Mom said…
Hey that looks like a book Cole might like!

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