Pudding and Cheetos! What are you guys feeding your kids?!

As you can see by this video, our kids are getting a balanced diet. Dairy: pudding; Carbs: Cheetos.
You may have noticed the caffeine free diet coke on the table, that is of course a part of the low sugar diet, you know preventing cavities and hyperactivity. For some reason we don't seem to be getting the positive results promised by all the experts. To put the grandparents minds to rest, he does like healthy food too. He eats the tops off of the trees (broccoli) and corn on the cob, a real favorite. Reed and Douglas also eat an occasional good meal whenever I can tear them away from their staple of P.B.J.'s and cereal. We made the mistake of mentioning the intestinal reaction that comes with the consumption of legumes, or in other words, beans and gas. I took Douglas to the grocery store yesterday for some one-on-one time and while were going down the canned foods aisle he spotted a can of chili and loudly asked while we passed another shopper: "Do beans make you stinker?" I told him we'd talk about it later and not to mention it again till we leave.

My mom will be coming out for a visit on the 3rd of July and we are very excited. The boys are already planning sleeping arrangements. We hope to go camping if she is up to it. She's been having a few health problems so we don't want to stress her out too much. Though she's tough, and as Great Aunt Mable says, "She's a 'go-er'."

The boys love playing in the water. Here they are playing a game of sorts that includes jumping over the sprinkler. Currently, they are in swimming lessons at the YMCA and love it. Douglas is the most excited kid there. He can float really well while Reed sinks like a rock. They both love it and are learning a lot. They'd probably learn more if mommy was willing to be seen in a swimming suit. I could jump in fully clothed and say I was one of those people who likes to be prepared if caught on a sinking ship and doesn't have time to change into more practical swim wear. I'm sure the guy in the speedo, when we hit the iceberg, will feel much more chilled than a fully dressed person, besides "I didn't want his (my) feet to get wet" (Mr. Mom- I love that movie!). I'm rambling as usual, but as many of you know, I have a very strange mind and with that knowledge should forgive me.

My brother, Jared and his wife, Rhi just had their baby yesterday. His name is Preston Scott. We can't wait to see him, though he'll probably be 1 by the time that happens. We are very dependent on some of our relations for the emailing (or blogging) of pictures. Sooooo....Send them!


Brynn said…
it looks like a fun summer in Lansing! Are you going to camp up north? That is something Brian and I need to do...GO up north! :)
Welch Mom said…
We put Cole in swimming lessons when he was 9 mos. He loved it! He was splashing and kicking and all the other kids clung to their parents! I think it helped him because he still like the water and "just floating" as he says.
etosamoe said…
Of course I read this at work today while eating a chocolate pudding. I don't think I enjoyed it as much as Isaac did though.

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