Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Let's play "Chest"!

Reed and Douglas have been begging us to teach them how to play “chest” (chess) for some time and I finally got it out and had Chris teach them. I think the last time I played chess I was in Junior high. They had a great time, even though Chris had to coach them the whole time. They kept asking “what can I do so I can kill someone?” I guess they’ve got the spirit of the game.

Douglas just graduated from preschool. It was very cute to see the kids perform for us all, singing songs and reciting poetry. I think it’s kind of funny that they do a graduation for preschool. I wonder if they do that for all the grades. I only remember graduating from high school and college. Though, one does have to accomplish quite a bit to get out of preschool. One has to do the following:
• Be potty trained
• Learn not to fight with others
• Learn how to take turns
• Learn not to run in the hallways
• Say please and thank you
• Follow simple instructions
• Get on the path to literacy

I’m starting to wonder if there are many high school students with those skills today. Preschool graduation really is quite an accomplishment.

As far as accomplishment goes for the rest of us, Chris and I managed to wake up this morning after a night of getting up with Isaac. He had a bad dream about a bug. He was holding onto his teddy bear as tight as he could and crying about a bug. Chris pretended to squish a bug on the wall and it seemed to help. Isaac is such a funny boy but has started picking up some of the animalistic characteristics of his brothers. After telling Reed to pull a normal smile for a picture, Isaac did just what Reed did in this picture. Boys: constant entertainment!


Matt and Leigh said...

I am 30 years old this summer and I still haven't grasped what it takes to play chess... I try to reserve my "kill someone" tendencies for the WWII computer games... Boys are currently and will continue to be boys it seems...

Brynn said...

Oh man, that is so cute! Brian played chess when we lived in Mexico for a month several years ago with a little 5 year old. The boy was making up his own rules, but Brian was taking his time on his turns. I'll never forget that little boy from Chihuahua exclaiming: "ANDELAY BRIAN!"

Welch Mom said...

Let me tell you from being a high school teacher that some of those things are still not learned!

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