I'll take a bowl of Hot and Humid with a side of Humor
It’s been so hot and humid here that sitting in the shade and having water splashed on you doesn’t really help. So, when dinner time came and I had absolutely no motivation for cooking, we decided to live on the reckless side and go out for dinner and justify it by calling it “family night”. Lessons of sorts were learned in the process and we are all a bit wiser from the experience.

It started when Reed chose an unknown item from the child menu, ribs. Douglas stuck to his usual, macaroni and cheese and Isaac had mandarin oranges and fries. When Reed’s meal arrived Douglas looked at as if he were checking out some strange bug captured in a jar, with a certain amount of hesitance. He asked, what is that? We told him they were ribs. After a moment he asked in an uncertain voice, but loud as usual “whose ribs are those?” We not only laughed, but the quiet man eating alone near us burst out with laughter. Douglas’ perspective on life is very different from most people or children I know. By the way Reed loved those ribs so much that he gathered up the bones and carried them home with him. By the time we got home he had barbecue sauce all over him.

I was again enlightened by Douglas’ wisdom this afternoon. He wanted me to tie a cowboy bandana around his neck and then asked me what they wore them for. I told him that they could put it over their mouths in a sand storm, or maybe if they didn’t want anyone to know who they were they could cover their face with it. After some time to think about it came to me and gave me another purpose for the bandana. He said that whenever they drink milk out of a cow and milk gets on them that they could use it as a bib. If only Jesse James had known all the benefits of his attire. He would have certainly had a cleaner shirt, pants and boots. It's "Jesse James' Protector" to the rescue!


Brynn said…
Honestly....that Douglas is SUCH a THINKER! Sorry about the humidity. I can say honestly that I don't miss it...although the 100 degree weather here isn't that fun either! :) I know it's only june, but I'm actually pretty excited for us to come back home in August! :)
etosamoe said…
Great illustrations! I guess that just shows us how deficient the education of our children is. Must add "we don't eat people" to the list of important life lessons. Along with "Cowboys don't drink from cows"

So much to teach, so little time...
Welch Mom said…
Love those moments. Those are the ones you can tell over and over and they never get old!

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