Three…not terrible like the twos but not far behind!

The young misses have turned 3 and with great grace and poise.  Of course, like many languages, words loose their meanings with time or are distorted so I might be using “grace and poise” incorrectly.  Whatever etiquette goes with the delicately licking the frosting off of the top of the cupcakes or whichever goes with licking the side of the cake before it’s even been sliced (sorry I didn’t warn any of you party goers, but she wasn’t sick and I didn’t want to upset anyone Smile ).  Whatever etiquette goes with jumping on the trampoline with a cup full of root beer or screaming in a high enough pitch that glass is tempted to shatter (glass can have a very strong will when needed and won’t always succumb to the pressure high pitches).

We had a lovely party with the cousins.  The girls got their first Barbie dolls, uh-oh.  They were actually doll versions of Merida from Brave and Rapunzel (aka :  “Blondie” ) from Tangled and were therefore not as busty as the usual Barbie dolls, after all, they are both about Skipper’s age.  Grandma & Grandpa W. got them a little kitchen, which they love, with plastic food and pots and pans.  I’m in the midst of completing their blankets, but at least aunt Rhi made them some for their dolls.  Elizabeth walked around all morning with her doll wrapped in its blanket.  Aunt Jodi brought a tiger pool and a book.  The girls keep trying to get me to open the pool but I’m just not yet ready for the commitment of keeping the water clean, sand out, and whatever responsibilities come with an inflatable pool.  We’ll wait till it’s hotter out and I can find someone gulli…kind enough to blow it up for us. I believe they had a wonderful 3rd birthday.


Heatherlyn said…
Happy Birthday to your sweet beautiful girls! I can't believe it has been three years!
Christi said…
Can't believe they're 3! Time flies! I love how they have such curly hair...all those years you got perms must have had some effect on the genes :)

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