Sleeping Beauties

Here are two examples of angels.  These rare beings can only be found for about 2 hours between 3pm and 5pm.  I love them to bits and they make me laugh, scream, and cry only like little banshees can.

IMG_1866 [1024x768]

IMG_1867 [1024x768]

Right brain expressed and a love for beautiful fabrics

I have gone quilt crazy as of late and am loving it.  One has to take advantage of one’s mood when possible and my mood was cutting, fabric, sewing, and possible blindness.  Here’s a collection of my work and the reason why I am so sleep deprived and the muscles in my eye lids twitch for, it is after the kids get in bed or nap that I get most of my sewing done.  If only I could get into a cleaning mood or a scrap booking mood or a laundry mood or a weeding mood, if only.

IMG_1875 [1024x768]

IMG_1870 [1024x768]

IMG_1890 [1024x768]

Emilia's quilt [1024x768]

Caleb's Quilt 1 [1024x768]

Andelyn's quilt 1 [1024x768]



There will be more if this mania continues or my fabric runs out.


Andrea said…
I keep waiting for a good laundry or cleaning mood to hit, too. At least you're doing something creative and productive with your mood.
Heatherlyn said…
Your quilts are beautiful! At least you are being totally artistic and productive. Sometimes I wish I were in a mood to do anything!!!
Rebecca said…
Those are beautiful! Keep up the hobby they are great to give away and everyone loves them! You are talented!
Jen Holden said…
You are so talentated. The quilts are beautiful! And there's nothing I enjoy more than sleeping kiddos.

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