Rusty Shovel Muscles

Actually, I don’t think I have shovel muscles but was making them up as I went along.  They are there only in spirit and it took a ton of spirit to move all of that snow.  I told Chris that I wanted to shovel because then I could get a workout.  1/4 of the way in I realized I should have hired those 3 boys who came by trying to earn money for shoveling snow.  The thing is, they were way to pricey and wouldn’t take my offered two bits.  Kids now-a-days.

Here you see Thing 1 and Thing 2 enjoying their ketchup with fries.  Yes, I know my girls have the hair styles of lions but what can you do?  Have any of you tried to groom a moving target?

IMG_1576 [1024x768]

IMG_1575 [1024x768]


Jen Holden said…
Cant believe how much snow we got! Love the pictures of your cute girls.

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