Christmas, numb tongue, and someone got hitched!

I have no clue how my kids manage to get up at 7 am on holidays and weekends, yet are like waking the dead on those every day school mornings.  I truly should look into the art of necromancy for those every day wake-up calls.  So, they came in at actually 6:30 Christmas morning wondering why we wouldn’t get up for Christmas.   Well, someone had to stay up late and force cookies down a reindeer’s throat and wipe up the spilt milk, not to mention the soot left by Santa’s boots.  Mornings are rough on elves.  We had a lovely Christmas morning and evening with family.  Unfortunately, there was a stomach bug that jumped from one family member to another family member, choosing carefully who to land on, and I was one of those chosen, along with my Dad, uncle Dave, aunt Jodi, and Grandpa P.  I may have missed someone, but I’m pretty darned sure I was one of its victims.  I will not be craving that particular night’s dinner for a long time.
Time in the snow and trying to soak up a little vitamin D, a rarely gotten one during the winter.  I actually did hear that in order to get the proper amount of vitamin D from the sun, you need to have at least 75% of your body exposed and for at least 20 minutes.  Ah well, at least we got to see the sun and feel it’s warming rays on our faces.

IMG_1497 [1024x768]

IMG_1491 [1024x768]

IMG_1493 [1024x768]

Cold tongue…bluh…

IMG_1496 [1024x768]


I was so glad I was able to fly down to California to attend one of my bestest of friend’s wedding.  She married, from what I could tell, a very nice man.  I actually just met him but I figure if Christi likes him, he must be quite the catch!  I am so happy for them and even jealous knowing they are going down to the Caribbean for their honeymoon.  They were married in a little chapel by the beach and the view was absolutely gorgeous!  Going to California in the winter is the greatest therapy, especially when one is leaving a temp. of 11F and arriving in a temp. of 63F.  The trip also included staying with my dad and wrapping up some things.  We managed to meet my sister and her husband to see the Hobbit, which I loved. Ah, Golem, what an absolutely insane yet strangely adorable multiple personality hobbit. Yes, Precious. 


Andrea said…
Fun to peek in on your Christmas morning! The girls look so cute out in the snow with their skinny little legs and big boots. Molly has those same boots. And that wedding looked gorgeous! Glad you got to go.
Jen Holden said…
Bailee got a stroller too she loves it. So fun you could attend one of your best friends wedding. Man the carribean sounds wonderful right now!

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