The eleventh month

“Let me ‘splain…there is to much…let me sum up.”

This was the first part of November with a lovely 8 inches of snow and a ton of fun for the Shirelings. 

IMG_1054  IMG_1068


Cyber Girl and a pair of artistic monkeys.


The little ladies never get bored of climbing on tables, drawing on walls and tables, and jumping, pounding, and screaming on tables.  I can see why there are those who build high towers to be heard and observed.  If I had a tower, I’d climb it and bring a good book, a box of See’s chocolates, a soft pillow, and a medium diet coke (well, a large if I happened to include a bathroom near the upper floor of the tower in my design).


All cleaned up and ready for church.  I still have not mastered doing girl hair.  I used to be quite good at it but never practiced on moving targets or naturally curly hair with a tendrilled mind of its own.  (I am a great fan of making up new words).

Thanksgiving [1024x768]

Dad, Caleb, Erin, and Dani

Thanksgiving!  This was the smallest and THE most calm Thanksgiving I have ever attended.  Erin and I flew to CA to visit with my dad and mom.  My mom has been in and out of the hospital since July and was in a very bad state when we came to visit.  She seems stable for now but is desperate to get out of the nursing home they put her in once she didn’t need to be in reverse isolation.  We worry about her but hope and pray for the best.  Erin and I stayed for 5 days and it was so relaxing that I think a few of my grey hairs slipped back into my scalp, no doubt with a plan to make their stressed out appearance next Thanksgiving.


I have to say that I have one of THE cutest nephews on the planet oh and he is so agreeable!  I have never known a better behaved baby on a flight or in a car or anywhere!  It’s amazing how comforting it is to have a sweet baby around when everything else is scary and worrisome.


Dani and Dad

IMG_1101 [1024x768]

Dani and Caleb the Cute

IMG_1104 [1024x768]

He is so expressive and his smiles were making everyone one who saw him go “goo.” 


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