Waking up with bears in really big mines.

Wake up with alllll of your stuffed animals and your brothers making sure they really are all there.  Yep, they’re there.

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Piggy Tails!  She has enough hair!  Of course, her sister keeps using it like her own personal Miriam leash and she loses handfuls almost on a daily basis.

IMG_0113 [1024x768]

Elizabeth doesn’t quite have enough hair for anything more than a rag style all her own.  It may be similar to the popular do-rag, but Elizabeth’s is an original and I have yet to find the inspiration of this particular preferred head piece.  The only danger is when she choses her rag material from the nasty old rags in the laundry room, ack!


Kennecott Copper Mines

A giant whole in the ground which can be seen from space and now I’ve seen it from land.  My life is complete, I am whole, I can go on…I wonder if I can be seen from space?  This had the air of a geology field trip, one of my favorite kinds by the way.  All one really needs to have the full attention of 3 boys is a big hole in the ground, rocks, and permission to throw.  We still did alright even though the last requirement wasn’t allowed. 

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Melissa said…
Looks like a fun place to visit! Happy 2nd birthday to the girls-2 2-year olds=double trouble, but lots of fun!

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