Assignment from Mama’s Losin’ It

List 7 things your pet thought about today.

We have a bird named Howard Bannister, as in sliding-down-the…but we call him Steve.  He is a blue parakeet, probably 1 year old now with the maturity of a 13 year old (always expects us to clean up after him).

IMG_0076 [1024x768]

In the mind of Steve…

1.  So they finally remembered that I needed some fresh water.  Feathered water can be quite difficult to digest and really tickles as it goes down. 

2.  Mirror, mirror, on the wall.  Why won’t you say anything?  What’s your name?  Eunice?  Silvia-Louise?  Burnsey?  Judy?  You’re very cute you know.

IMG_0074 [1024x768]

3.  Judy, have you noticed that lady with the black hair seems to only know 3 things to say?  First she whistles that same tune to us over and over again expecting us to join in.  Then she repeats over and over again, “don’t hit your brother!”  Finally, she says…well I’m not actually sure what it is but it’s loud and ornery sounding and ends with Reed, Douglas or Isaac.

4.  I want a cracker.

5.  Who keeps leaving that stuff on the bottom of my cage?  Disgusting!  Doesn’t anyone have any manners?  Judy, was it you?

6.  I wonder why they didn’t name me Captain Flint?

7.  (while looking into his mirror)  Judy, I wish I was where you are.  It looks a lot like where I live but you’re there and I must say, blue is a beautiful color on you. 


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