“The Trouble with Tribbles”

Why is it that messes in my house multiply like Tribbles?


Honestly, I put one thing away, turn around for a second and it’s reappeared only to have a mate or two with it.  They not only keep multiplying but they seem to be following the lead of my children.   In fact, I think if there were such a thing as a Tribble flock, my kids would be its shepherd.  At first I thought this was just the way things were when you had 5 kids, especially when they came in pairs.  The other day, I realized the messes were in fact planned and part of some grand scheme that I have not yet come to understand.  I decided to be brave the other day, in the presence of my kids, and began vacuuming the floor.  For some reason, Miriam was against the plan and as an act of protest, kept sitting in the vacuum’s path and squealing at the top of her lungs.  They call this a sit down strike.  If there had been a tree in my living room, I’m sure she’d have hugged it.


I must call in the Tribble patrol if I’m to get the house ready for Grandma’s visit.  There goes another one.  (I read that Tribbles are actually born pregnant, but I believe the gestation period would be very short.  Barely any time for stretch marks!)


nomes said…
We have a surplus of Tribbles here too. We just need to get some Klingons, that'll scare them into place. :)
Andrea said…
You crack me up! You are definitely onto something here...conspiracy!

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