“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”–Michelangelo

The 10 year olds, Reed the most, have been trying to grow muscles.  Reed, our string bean, often pulls up his sleeve to show me how big his biceps are getting.  This evening he showed me his 6-pack while flexing his stomach muscles.  Douglas was also in the room as we discussed muscle acquisition.  I asked Douglas, “are you working on a 6 pack?”

“Yes, I’m growing a 6-pack too, but it’s not showing through my skin yet.”

To me, that was the funniest thing I’d heard all day!  As usual, I’m trying to get healthiertaylor_lautner_new_moon_shirtless2 through exercise and diet.  When I think about ever having a flat stomach nipping and tucking will definitely be a part of that plan.  Two sets of twins and a big baby in the middle do not a beautiful abdomen make.  I’m fine with that reality and so when I heard Douglas’ optimistic statement about the hidden six pack, I laughed my head off (I have since reattached my head).  Douglas has one of the most literal minds I know, but he can also see the humor in something once he sees his mom shaking with laughter.

If you’re Taylor Lautner you not only have a 6 pack but a wolf pack.  Ha-ha, I make myself laugh sometimes.  Sorry.


-Ang said…
You make me laught too :D. And thanks for the Taylor eye candy :D.
Andrea said…
This will be inspiration as I work on my buried six pack. Too funny!

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