Sunday, February 19, 2012

Addressing a few topics of interest

Dental Care:

I’m not sure how effective chewing on your toothbrush is when it comes to a thorough cleaning, but at least this picture shows she’s got the front teeth method down.

IMG_9634 [1024x768]

Isaac lost his 3rd tooth with the help of his sister Miriam, the sister shown above brushing her teeth.  Somehow they were wrestling or she was getting tickled or something like that when her foot met his mouth with a great ker-chow!  Out came the tooth!  I think I see a future for Miriam as a dentist or maybe a karate sensei.

IMG_9714 [1024x768]

Bucky B. Katt

Self Defense Course 101:

Elizabeth has her pinned and because of an uncontrollable case of the giggles, and the fact that her sister weighs at least 4 pounds more than her, Miriam cannot come out of her hold.

IMG_9636 [1024x768]

IMG_9637 [1024x768]

IMG_9639 [1024x768]

I think the bite to the bottom did it.  She’s free!

IMG_9640 [1024x768]

Counter Time:

After watching Elizabeth successfully, yet treacherously, climb the barstools, I decided to just set them on the chairs and let them enjoy the feeling of being a big kid.

IMG_9691 [1024x768]

Miriam really likes to find a surface with a pencil or marker and have at it.  I learned a while ago never to buy markers that can’t be washed off.  She keeps finding pencils all over the house.  It’s like they call to her, beckoning her, and begging that she put them to good use.  Kind of like chocolate and me.  The chocolate must fulfill the purpose of its creation and I must help it.  It’s the right thing to do.

IMG_9697 [1024x768]

Aren’t those the cutest dresses and sweaters ever?  Aunt Erin and Aunt Jodi have great taste.  I must admit these girls have been spoiled on all fronts in the cute cloths department!

IMG_9704 [1024x768]

Anyone know how to deal with curly, fuzzy, and unmanageable hair on babies?

IMG_9705 [1024x768]

Please, don’t drop that jam on your dress! 

IMG_9707 [1024x768]IMG_9710 [1024x768]

I really can’t believe how big they’ve gotten!!!!  The baby girls are 21 months now and do you know what that means?  Do you?  They will be 2 year olds in May, just 3 months away!!!!  I don’t know if I’m ready for my babies to be so old.

Birth Announcement:

Just got news that my cousin Gavin’s wife, Vanny, just had her baby girl this morning!  Congratulations to them!!!!!  By the way, Gavin, where are the pictures already?!


I’m sorry I don’t put as many pictures of the boys on the blog any more.  I shall make a greater effort to do so.  Usually, when I’ve got the camera out they just want me to take pictures of them eating, running around topless, or play fighting.  Let’s not encourage overindulgent, partial nudists with an interest in violence, by documenting it.  (See sample below).  Okay, it’s pretty funny and he actually has his shirt on.

IMG_9715 [1024x768]


Andrea said...

The girls do look so big sitting up there on bar stools! I can't believe our babies are old enough to do things like wrestle. :) Funny....we have the same problem with pencils and chocolate at our house (as evidenced by our walls, and my waistline :))

mommymuse said...

I just can't get over how beautiful your babies are! Every time I see them I just want to eat them up. Well, that would be illegal and unethical and completely disgusting, so maybe I'd just settle for smothering them in kisses instead. I love how you capture their personalities in photos!

Melissa said...

Your girls are so cute. I can't believe they are almost 2! It goes so fast!

-Ang said...

Yeah -that is a great shot of Reed :). I can't believe the girls are almost 2 either. My baby is turning 3 next month! WAY too fast!
Thanks as ever for the laughs :)!

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