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Can a person die, or at least lose consciousness, from noxious odors?  Can you burn through steel with a horrid scent?  Can the toxic odor create a heat that could curl the hair of 20 ladies in a salon?

I’m pretty sure all of those things could have happened had I not, most vehemently and with the most serious look of disgust on my face, forced my boys to remove their WMD capable socks and sanitize their feet in the bath.  Boys…though, I’ve heard that girls can perform equally disgusting feats (pardon the pun). 

IMG_9100 [1024x768] 

IMG_9103 [1024x768]

Baby in a Basket

Are there any better ways to travel?  They think not, or at least in the winter.  A wagon of course trumps a laundry basket, but when the wagon is locked out in the cold, mommy’s carrier of all of our very soiled clothing will do.

IMG_9123 [1024x768] 

They take turns pushing and pulling each other and I’m amazed at their strength!

IMG_9127 [1024x768]

Park Time! 

Oh, and mommy kept ruining it by taking pictures of us.  She said it’s for Christmas but we think she’s acting like a lunatic chasing us around and encouraging us to say “cheese.”  Like we can pronounce our “ch”s already.  Silly mommy!

Miriam [1024x768]  Elizabeth [1024x768]

boys 1 [1024x768]

A temporary peace between the 3 warring nations.  Dougland, Island, and Reedland, three treacherous lands, all three of which have a massive stockpile of stinky socks.

boys 2 [1024x768]

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season!  I’ll be posting our family picture later.  Or at least all 5 kids. Smile


-Ang said…
Look how they're all growing! Isaac especially has shot up. All cute as can be :)!
Rebecca said…
Your boys are so big! They look the same but huger!
Thanks for sharing. And I think you are always creative.
Deanne said…
Cute pictures. Especially the one with the boys. The colors are so vibrant...and the boys are so handsome!
The DeGiulio's said…
Thanks for always posting comments on my blog :) Your so sweet. I love comments but you dont get very many when your blog is private even with emailing people when its updated. Thats funny about your boys feet. Bailee loves to push the laundry basket too or climb on it. Im sure she would love a buddy to take turns pushing & being pushed in it. I cant believe Christmas is in two weeks!
Andrea said…
That was plenty creative! I especially liked the warring nations bit (probably because I can relate).
Melissa said…
Well, they may have stinky socks, but at least they are very handsome!
Gary and Vicki said…
I love your blogs Becky and the pictures are great. They cover some of my favorite subjects. I agree the babies are cute and the boys handsome. From Grandpa H.

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