Cantaloupe Orange and White Stripes

A while back, grandma H. brought this adorable puppet up for us.  Let’s just say, if this puppet had been a cat, it would have died of suffocation long ago.

IMG_8732 [1024x768]

Reed’s a wonderful big brother and will do anything to get a giggle out of his sisters.


Sorry, the poses were too similar to not acknowledge.  The the first one makes one feel a little nauseated.  The second one is beautiful and makes me smile big time.

IMG_8725 [1024x768]

IMG_8715 [1024x768]

“My sister and I have just been introduced to forks.  Novel idea, yes, novel.”

IMG_8723 [1024x768]

“Why does everyone else get to play outside all of the time but not us?!”

IMG_8734 [1024x768]

Maybe that’s not cantaloupe orange but I have no other word for it.


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