A 6th and a 1st!

On 7 Eleven, Isaac celebrated his 6th birthday.  The highlight of the evening, other than the Cars themed piñata, was the loss of his 1st tooth!  Thanks to aunt Erin’s skill and a pervious tutorial given by her kids’ dentist, she was able to yank it out in one pull.  No tears were shed but a tissue was still required to soak up the bleeding gum.

IMG_8222 [640x480]

IMG_8223 [640x480]

Isaac’s cousin Brooklyn was there for him the whole time.  Very supportive of her Smile to do that.  I know I’d want someone with me even if I were to lose a tooth today.

IMG_8224 [640x480]



The DeGiulio's said…
How exciting to loose his first tooth!

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