They say that there are some concepts that can only be fully understood in the language of their origin and I think that’s true in music too.  I went to Abravanel Hall this afternoon to hear an oratorio called Messiah in America, composed by Brett Stewart and performed by the Mormon Choral Organizations of America.  As I sat in the crowd listening to the practically surround sound performance of the 600+++ person choir and orchestra, the biggest and most accurate word I could think to describe it was, “wow!”  I guess my lack of vocab to describe the beauty and awe of the performance is why they hire writers to share, in musical language terminology, why something was the way that it was.  However, beyond musicality, there was the language of the spirit which communicated itself through the truthfulness of the words of the oratorio and the beauty of the voices and instruments working in harmony, thus making it so much harder for me to say anything but, “wow!” 


This is another picture of the choir in another concert, but still pretty much the same performers.

Thank you Christi for inviting me.  You and everyone in your choir were amazing.  I could see you  just behind that drummer when he was sitting down.  I also saw you on the news this evening, so cool!  The third one from the center bottom row to the left.

Here’s the choir’s site (looks like it needs to be updated):


-Ang said…
Hey, look! I visisted your blog before we moved :D! Now I'm all caught up on what goes on with you! Just need to go update mine. I can't believe your babies are a year old either! Mine is 2 and I am in complete denial as well.
Happy Summer!

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