Monday, June 27, 2011

Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy…


Tessa and Jeff Beck’s Wedding

June 24th, 2011

IMG_7708 [800x600]

Announcing Jeff and Tessa Beck, the newly married couple!

IMG_7842 [800x600]

IMG_7733 [800x600]

They are one of the cutest couples and we all love Jeff.  Tessa chose well in my opinion.

IMG_7741 [800x600]

Brooklyn and her older sister Alyssa

IMG_7753 [800x600]

IMG_7770 [800x600]

Bill, Alyssa, and Dantzel

IMG_7784 [800x600]

Erin and Jodi, the mother of the bride

IMG_7698 [800x600]

Gavin and Vanny

IMG_7786 [800x600]

Bill, Gabby, and grandpa Hartvigsen

IMG_7800 [800x600]

Reed and Dantzel at the reception

IMG_7820 [800x600]

Gabby and Isaac making sure the brownies are as good as they look.

IMG_7838 [800x600]

Wow!  What a beautiful dress!

IMG_7839 [800x600]

IMG_7841 [800x600]

Dantzel and Tessa

IMG_7882 [800x600]

Grandpa Poet, Chris, and Reed

IMG_7887 [800x600]

Vicki (mom), Grandma Poet, and Miriam

IMG_7892 [800x600]

Terry and her mother

IMG_7706 [800x600]

IMG_7715 [800x600]

IMG_7725 [800x600]

Tessa and the Father of the Bride

IMG_7729 [800x600]

Britton and Tessa

IMG_7731 [800x600]

IMG_7738 [800x600]

IMG_7764 [800x600]

IMG_7808 [800x600]

My personal favorite when it came to the desserts.

IMG_7823 [800x600]

Just giving them a feel for what it would be like to have twins.  What do you think?  Sorry, you can’t have mine Smile.

IMG_7841 [800x600]

IMG_7814 [800x600]IMG_7865 [800x600]


IMG_7877 [800x600]

That was some party!

IMG_7889 [800x600]

Somewhere over the rainbow…

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