Lake Saiful-Muluk near Naran, in Pakistan.  Doesn’t that say obthoughtservation to you?


Getting baby poop up one’s arm one day is unfortunate but getting baby poop up one’s arm two days in a row is my life.  Washing up to my elbows used to be the exception, now it’s the rule. 


Telling your kids that there are starving people in China does not  better eaters of dinner make.


If a baby can fall asleep folded forward with her cheeks on her knees, how can we blame our uncomfortable beds for our insomnia?


I now look at every grocery bag, zip lock, and plastic bag for their potential to successfully hold a poopy diaper without releasing odor.  I am so “going green” or mustard yellow, or sweet potato orange, or squash yellow.

Back to Basics:

Toys are nothing to a one year old when there is access to the plastic container cupboard along with their lids and a sack of potatoes. 

The grass is always greener:

Reed:  “Hey!  Is that toxic waste?”  Dad:  “No that’s a baseball field.”  (looking at Google Earth, not a comment on environmental concerns)


After telling Chris that it seems to take a lot more to entertain me (this was after watching a few supposedly funny movie trailers and reflecting on late night shows), he said it was just a sign of maturity. Ha-ha.

On turning 35:

It was nice not being old enough to be president.  Now the only thing I’m not old enough for is senior discounts at the movie theater.  This perspective makes not being old enough to ride the fast rides, not being old enough to vote, not being old enough to drive, and not being old enough for kindergarten, enviable stages in life.

Life without kids:

BORING!  However, if I never knew what it was like to have my children, I suppose it would be a lot like it was before they came.  I was a traveler, a student, a seeker of new experiences and I probably would still be taking trips and continuing my education in a variety of fields.  So, I may at this moment be living in Italy to better improve the Italian I’d be speaking by now and painting romantic views and wondering when Casanova (Chrisanova) was going to show up.  I would not be the person I am today.  For one thing I think I’d have firmer thighs and a flatter stomach.  I certainly wouldn’t have stretch marks that look like a topographical map of mount Everest next to Lake Baikal.  But, my life would be lacking in spiritual richness, depth, greater joy, and a plethora of laugh lines.  I’m not saying people can’t experience these things in other ways, but the sacrifice and amount of love one gives to their children has been life altering for me and I am grateful for it.


It stopped raining enough for us to get out and absorb the sun’s rays.

Rejoicing in the warm weather! 

IMG_7589 [800x600]

IMG_7581 [800x600]

IMG_7582 [800x600]

IMG_7588 [800x600]

Don’t eat that!

IMG_7594 [800x600]

Lunch still plastered to that cute face!


T-Ball!!!  Go Angels!

IMG_7599 [800x600]

IMG_7606 [800x600]

IMG_7611 [800x600]

See the kid on 1st base?  Ya, that’s Isaac, building mounds with the sand.  With T-ball that is mostly what you see going on on bases and in the outfield.  Sand piles or grass piles.

IMG_7616 [800x600]

IMG_7622 [800x600]

IMG_7608 [800x600]


Jayne said…
Very well said, Becky. You have a great writing ability so although our bodies are ravaged by kids, at least your mind is still quick!
Deanne said…
I always appreciate your perspective on things. I especially enjoyed your thoughts on "life without kids". I feel the same way.

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