The Exodus and a wedding

Trip to So. Cal.

We got back yesterday from our exodus to California and, at times, it felt like we too were with Moses taking the 40 year route.  The poisonous serpents sometimes showed up in the far back seats.  The cure was getting out once in a while and letting them run wild.  Our main purpose in going down was to attend my youngest sister’s wedding, Dani, to her adorable Michael.  It was all very nice, but like any major event, one needs a recovery period and we chose to spend a relaxing day at Knott’s Berry Farm and a stroll on the beach.  We practically walked onto most of the rides and, as you can see from Douglas’ familial gesture, quite easily mingled with the staff.

IMG_7310 [640x480]

Come on Douglas, snuggle in just a little bit closer.

IMG_7321 [640x480]

Salty pretzels, yummy.  Thank you aunt Jodi.


Wild-haired Miriam.  Almost as silly as Tickle-toed Elizabeth.

IMG_7328 [640x480]

Grandma giving Isaac a well needed squeeze.

IMG_7332 [640x480]IMG_7335 [640x480]

A rapid river left us all looking like we couldn’t find the restrooms in time.

IMG_7337 [640x480]

Wild little lady!  Appropriate, considering the fact we were watching a stunt show.  This was Isaac’s kind of humor.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the boy laughing so hard as the actors jumped off of roofs, pretended to die, tumbled into wells and tossed explosives to each other.  This is the same kid who thinks Tom and Jerry are two of the funniest animals on the planet.  It’s time to introduce him to the Three Stooges.

IMG_7344 [640x480] IMG_7349 [640x480]

How the girls reacted to the end of the day at Knott’s Berry Farm….zzzzz….let me out!

The Beach!


It’s been way too long since I’d smelled the memory filled scent of a salty sea breeze and the ever soothing rhythm of the ocean waves.  The boys had a great time digging in the sand for crabs while trying not to get wet.  They looked like the funny little stick-legged birds further up from us, doing the same thing.  Run…dig…wave coming!…run…and repeat.


IMG_7364 [640x480]

Look what I found!

IMG_7367 [640x480]

“Can we get our swim shorts on?  No, it’s only 60 something out here.”

IMG_7372 [640x480]IMG_7380 [640x480]

That salty sea air contributing to their already goofy demeanors.

IMG_7399 [640x480]

Huntington Beach and in the far faded out distance you can slightly see Catalina Island.

I have more pictures from the trip and many from Dani’s wedding to come…They are currently on their honeymoon in Hawaii.  “Aloha! Aloha!”

“In Hawaii, don't they use aloha for, like, hello and goodbye?….
So?….So if you're on the phone with somebody and they won't stop talking, how do you get them off? You say, 'Okay take care, aloha' don't they just start over again?”  --Miss Congeniality



Natalie said…
Ha ha! I love that we love and quote fromthe classics. Great minds think alike! What fabulous photos! I really think we need to betroth our children to one another.

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