Desitin, the all purpose healer.  Desitin soothes the rashy bottom, the cracked heels, and most recently discovered, eases the pain of teething.  This picture does make for a good ad for Desitin and seeing it makes me think about how many other companies my kids are unknowingly advertising for.  I know Legos and Star Wars action figures are certainly being represented.  Cheez-its, Keebler Graham Crackers, Cheerios, and occasionally Gerber Puffs have all managed to at least make the back ground of many a baby picture setting.



By the way, I never knew I had a Graham Cracker preference until the birth of M. and E.  They kept offering them (Keebler brand) to me as a snack while I recovered and wow, yummy!  I never really thought of myself as a Brandist but now that I think of it, and it seems to come with getting older, there are a few items I prefer to have certain brands of…

Rootbeer:  Mug

Mayonaise:  Best Foods

Bacon:  Oscar Mayer

Apples:  Fuji or Gala (are those considered brands?)

Rice:  Botan Calrose rice

Diapers:  Huggies (Pampers for newborn-6 mos.)

Wipes: Costco’s brand

Chocolate:  Milka or Lindt

Chocolate Chips: Nestle

Laundry Soap/and dryer sheets:  Tide and Bounce

I’m afraid the older I get, the more preferences I’ll have but I’ll try to keep an open mind and taste bud.  I think when I get really old, my preferences will most likely gravitate to what tastes best mashed up in a blender.


I think this was an interesting post. I'm not generally a brand loyal person, but like you said, some things just *have* to be certain brands.

For us, it is Duke's Mayonnaise, Gain laundry detergent (the only one that doesn't cause me a rash and migraine), and Scott toilet tissue. Those are all that stand out to me at the moment.

Have a great day!
Julie Moore said…
What a beautiful family you have!! It is so fun to see all these pictures and read your well-written posts! You are truly a gifted writer! Congrats on all the good-looking children. We will be having our 5th in November :-). Lots of love from the Moore family!
Julie Moore
Melissa said…
I am with you on diapers and wipes!
Welch Mom said…
I feel ya with the brands, I only like Nestle chocolate chips and prefer Dove chocolate to others. Also, I am really particular on my bottled water. I do not like Dasani, but like Fuji or Evian. I guess ya like what you like.

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