Pink Grass


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It was a beautiful Easter Sunday.  Oh, and bright too!

Here are the boys in their new suits for Easter and for their Aunt’s upcoming wedding.  Don’t they look handsome, well behaved, and proper?  Hah!  That moment only lasted about 15 seconds and then they were off making sure all of the Easter Bunny’s hard work wasn’t in vain.

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I think they’re all onto the Easter Bunny being the parents.  Though, I think they still enjoy playing along with the idea and we even hypothesize on how he manages to get around so quickly.  This year he hired me to hide the eggs, saying he was late for church and that he’d pay me with an extra Cadbury egg if I would do a good job.

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That day, as you can see, we had a couple of teething babies.  The one above was soothing her gums by chewing on the basket.

IMG_6801 [800x600]IMG_6802 [800x600]IMG_6803 [800x600]IMG_6804 [800x600]

Does the pink kind taste like the green kind?

IMG_6815 [800x600]

One loved the grass and the other would have nothing to do with it.

IMG_6823 [800x600]

Just woke up from a well needed nap and wasn’t sure about the basket with the sippy cup in it.  “What, you expect me to drink out of this thing?  This has got to be a joke.  It’s Easter, right, not April Fools day?”

IMG_6828 [800x600]

“O.k., so where’s our chocolate?  Are you planning on sharing that?”

IMG_6791 [800x600]

This one is a little bit blurry, but doesn’t that baby face say JOY all over?  Wouldn’t it be great if we could all get so excited over shredded and crinkled pink paper?


So cute! The girls dresses are adorable :) We are so excited to go to the wedding in a week, haven't been to Cali since the 3rd one was 6 weeks!
Rebecca said…
love your family~ everyone looks awesome!
Andrea said…
I LOVE those green dresses! And those clips! Cute, cute pictures!!
Melissa said…
Those girls are so cute and getting so big! I can't wait to meet them at the wedding next week!

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