You know, life sometimes just throws you all kinds of odd shaped snow balls (new metaphor, since I forget what the different kind of baseball throws are out there and what they mean.  If you don’t know the meaning of one metaphor, make up your own).  Anyway, life is full of unexpected moments, accidents, surprises, including cataclysmic attacks like asteroids hitting the earth or the sun exploding.  What, however, would you call it when you have two sets of twins and one in the middle, and you find out you’re due with another set of twins?  The doctor did say there was a 90% chance it could happen again…


I was thinking about shoes the other day while looking for some sandals in preparation for the summer months.  There’s something so intrusive in the design of the flip flop, aka thong, yes I still call it that but am trying to reform.  However, I believe the pre-nineties termflip-flops-3 ivictorian sandalss more accurate in how it makes ones foot feel, especially after it’s winter long tennis shoe and boot cave.   A pasty white, soft, cold-sensitive foot should not have to feel comfortable with an abrasive piece of canvas between its big and second toe.  The kind of sandals I like are very hard to find now-a-days.  My taste keeps uncomfortably drifting toward the old lady shoe styles.  The thing is, I think I’m in between the contemporary and the Victorian era when it comes to style in general.  I need the corset but I still want to wear jeans, what’s a girl to do?

…so come next October I’ll begin looking for bunk cribs.  Do they even sell those? 


Melissa said…
Happy April to you!
Sara R said…
Did I read that right? Muttersieben? Congratulations and ohmygoodness!
Heatherlyn said…
I love flip flops!!!

Bunk cribs? All my kids slept in a pack & play. They don't take up much room and are safe and even travel well. Maybe that would be a space effective option for you. :)
Jayne said…
Oh you joker. I'm assuming a follow up post is due now that it is April 2nd.
I was a thong wearer too (visualize the feet, you nasty!) but now we call them slippers or "slippah" to be completely correct. Hannah has already forgotten that to mainlanders a slipper is a fuzzy thing worn in the winter as I had to remind her just the other day.
Deanne said…
Are you kidding? This was April Fools day. Where's the follow up post???

If not...oh my!
Natalie said…
Well, well, well...I guess since you can't find cockroaches (the shoes, not the bugs) here it's high time we take a girls' trip to Hawaii to stock up. And please tell me you are pulling a great April Fool's Day joke? If not, though, congratulations! :)

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