Teething, Graham Crackers, and brothers…yes, more pictures.

Yes, I’m still taking pictures and with a digital camera there is little accountability to the pocket book.  Perhaps the computer’s memory, but that’s Chris’ concern Smile, the budgeter of computer space.  (I can’t help myself, it too, like sugar, is still an addiction).

IMG_5736 [640x480]IMG_5757 [640x480]

Teethers chew on EVERYTHING!  Elizabeth got her two bottom teeth on New Year’s day and finally, as of today, Miriam is starting to get her bottom teeth.

IMG_5740 [640x480]

IMG_5748 [640x480]

IMG_5765 [640x480]

As you can see, each of the girls has her own remote control, or as we think of it, The Power.

IMG_5769 [640x480]

What does that look mean?

IMG_5776 [640x480]

Hmm, which one first, the left or right?  She actually ended up taking turns going back and forth between the two.

These pictures were taken on Sunday after church.  During church we kept giving them graham crackers and every time we looked down, Miriam had stollen Elizabeth’s cracker.  Yes, she as hungry and had no qualms about taking her sister’s food.

IMG_5777 [640x480] IMG_5787 [640x480]

Miri is actually the smallest of the two but eats the most.  I don’t get it.  It might be because she doesn’t know how to just lie on the floor and chill like her more squeezable sister does.

IMG_5846 [640x480]Isaac 1 [640x480]

Yes, I still take pictures of my boys.  They just aren’t always as willing to stand still long enough for me to capture them on film (or digits Winking smile ).

Isaac shoots me [640x480]

I surrender!

(Reed was, during this photo taking spree, held captive by a Sith Lord or troop of Storm Troopers).


Melissa said…
All of your kids are so cute! I love that you always seem to have a picture of a baby who randomly fell asleep on the floor. My kids never seemed to do that-it usually took some work on my part to get a nap!
Deanne said…
I know I've said this time and time again, but those girls are the cutest! Miriam must be the one with big eyes and Elizabeth has the squeezable cheeks, right? Either way, they are both adorable. (The boys are still cute too!)
Welch Mom said…
I approve of you taking as many pics as you want when you have kids that cute, who can resist?

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