Come here, the child with the Cheez-it in his mouth!

Here’s another picture account of my life since words are still pretty much limited to single syllables or sadly misplaced in sentences.  My grammar is starting to take on a German word order, or maybe it’s Latin.  If I ever have to call for one of my kids in a rush, I end up fumbling through all of their names and every time, it’s the last name I say that’s the one I want.  I feel like telling them to not pay attention to who I’m calling until they hear the last name, and that one had better get here in a hurry or else! 

IMG_5591 [640x480]

It’s not possible, a serious face that is on this particular child.  Even in sleep it can’t be to serious either.

IMG_5611 [640x480]

The “bad guys”

IMG_5612 [640x480]

This is Obi-wan Kenobi talking to himself.  There could be some serious psychological issues going on here.

IMG_5622 [640x480]

They always complain that they’re cold and I always tell them to put a shirt on, hmm.

IMG_5661 [640x480]

Douglas being “super bored” and repetitively asking why his teacher keeps making him do homework.  I’ve answered the question many times but this time I told him to take the matter up with his teacher.

IMG_5680 [640x480]

Aunt Erin making sure Izzy is properly held and cuddled.

IMG_5683 [640x480] 

IMG_5726 [640x480]

The big brothers are always the most interesting people in the house and therefore demand all of the baby girls’ attention.

IMG_5673 [640x480]

Conked out mid-play.  Her little paws were still wrapped around her toy as she slept.

IMG_5705 [640x480]

IMG_5706 [640x480]

Miri has started rolling over the pillow barrier and onto the kitchen tile.  They still aren’t crawling and I have no shame in that and rather enjoy the fact.  After Mr. Isaac starting to walk at 7 1/2 months, this limited mobility of rolling all over the place is so much better!


Melissa said…
Hunter didn't crawl until he was 12 months and it was great! I, too, go through everyone's name who lives in my house before I get the right name. I am surprised my kids even know what their real name is!
Deanne said…
I envy you. Archer is doing the belly crawl and getting into everything. And now he loves to pull up into a standing position whenever he can...he is always getting into trouble!

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